Some information about Silverhill Seeds and the Saunders' Gladiolus book

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 05 Aug 2018 19:33:20 PDT
This was in the IBSA newsletter:

> Silverhill Seeds are very kindly continuing to allow members, 
> particularly for overseas members, to use their creditcard facility, 
> or payment by PayPal,. This arrangement will allow you to pay your 
> subs and make a donation towards the publication of Rod and Rachel’s 
> Gladiolus book. Ondine will reimburse IBSA the subs and forward the 
> donation to the R. Saunders Trust. IBSA will also be collecting 
> donations from members into a fund to be our formal donation from IBSA 
> towards the publication of their Gladiolus book.
Earlier Ondine had told me that it might be better to wait until she had 
something set up so the money could go directly to the right place 
instead of her having to keep track of what belonged to Silverhill and 
what was for the book. But she said if people used their credit card or 
PayPal to send a donation towards the book she will make sure it gets to 
the right place.

Mary Sue

On 8/5/2018 6:59 PM, Lee Poulsen wrote:
> Also, one of the replies, from Keith Tollis, mentioned that Rod & Rachel Saunders were almost finished with their book on all of the Gladiolus species and had only one more species to photograph when they were murdered. They’re now working on how to fund the completion of the book as a tribute to Rod and Rachel. He didn’t mention who to contact or where to inquire about helping out with this effort, so I don’t know what to tell those on this list who might want to contribute to that effort. Maybe contacting Silverhill Seeds might work?
> --Lee Poulsen

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