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Hi Robin,
As for what plants they have found and introduced, its hard to know if they first introduced some stuff but I suspect that the following were probably first introduced by them or at least seeds were not available before they collected them. This is just a guess based on what I am growing or have grown, many more seeds lie in the refigerator of course. I would recommend running my list, which is incomplete, by Panayoti since he collected and introduced a number of firsts from SA and may also know if some of the species listed below were in cultivation before SH offered them. 
Lachenalia congesta
Gladiolus ferrugineus
G parvulus
G patersoniae
G permeabilis
G stokei
G woodii 
Chlorophytum bowkeri, undulatum, saundersiae, tranvaalense
Kniphofia bruceae, multiflora,parviflora, 
Berkheya purpurea, cirsiifolia, multijuga, radula, speciosa, rhapontica
Senecio arenaria
Gerbera tomentosa
Gazania heterochaeta
Gorteria diffusa
Pelargonium campestre
Babiana pygmaea and blanda
Bobartia spp (I dont think anyone else ever offered any of them, they offer several including orientalis
Codonorhiza (laperousia) corymbosa
Ixia thomasiae
Lapeirousia schimperi (mis identified as Gladiolus candidus)
Nivenia corymbosa
Sparaxis maculosa
Tritonopsis spp, (never saw anyone else offer any of these)
Crossandra greenstockii
Barleria rotundifolia
Erica dominans and no doubt many others
Otholobium (Lotonotis) sericeum
Liparia splendens

There are many more things that they were the first to make available outside of South Africa, and also within SA but its difficult to determine which ones in some cases.  The best way would be to compare catalogues of other seed collectors over the years (Lifestyle Seeds, African bulbs, etc) and collections made by Panayoti and others in the last couple of decades and to subtract the duplicates from the list of taxa SH has offered.  But that SH list would be even bigger than their current listings and run into the thousands I would think.  
I hope this small list I am sending proves helpful though. 

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As some of you know, the next issue of the Bulb Garden is a memorial issue
to Rachel and Rod Saunders of Silverhill Seeds in South Africa.  I would
like to include a list of plants they are known to have introduced, found
and named, etc.


PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIVATELY at the mailing address below.  DO NOT respond
directly to the PBS forum.


Thank you!


Robin Hansen

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