Hippeastrum cultivars & growing bulbs

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Thu, 13 Dec 2018 20:01:43 PST
 Here in S W Georgia, 1/3 - 1/2 is normal part to leave above ground. We have not had a killing freeze yet, so the leaves are still green. This far south, I have them in some shade, which I believe helps with bloom longevity. The first killing freeze will naturally take care of leaves.
 I had new bulbs in gallon pots 3 years ago which I had the mix just over 1/2 full with the nose of the bulb just below the top of the pot. I then fill the pot the rest of the way with 100% ground bark to protect the bulbs from freezing. After blooming, the bark comes out. On a side note, 1 pot out of around 150 turned over on it's side for several months. When I found it, there were numerous babies around the mother bulb! So I had my helper lay down most of the pots. I should know next year if this was an anomality, or it speeds up offsets.

Lamon Ready

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Hi ! Here’s hoping someone can help me ! I grow the commercially available
cultivars of Hippeastrum, and have started to seek to grow them on from
year to year. When one buys them they’ll come typically with a pot and
compost, and ones advised to plant them with a third to a half of the bulb
All’s well so far as the leaves are often emerging after the flowers; after
the flowering the leaves typically end up flopping about - and I can’t help
wondering about the growth habit (of the parents) in the wild. Do any of
you good souks know how deep they typically grow/ are planted outdoors?
Many thanks for reading this diatribe!
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