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My Hippeastrum collection, mostly hybrids, has grown out of control for the amount of space and Chicago winters that I have.  I force and bloom mine in a greenhouse environment starting in December.  I end up with the same problem of “floppy leaves” that you describe.  My experience is that this is the result of the lack of sun and the leaves stretching toward the available light.  (My greenhouse is attached to my house and faces east so it gets only a half day of sun.)  I have not noticed any difference in leaf behavior whether I plant the bulbs with all but the neck exposed or half the bulb exposed.  

After the last frost of Spring, I remove mine from their pots and plant them out in the garden in full sun (after letting them acclimate to the sun or throwing a piece of shade cloth over them for reduced periods) and the new leaves grow quite strong and don’t fall over.  

Hope this helps.

Bob Hoel
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> Hi ! Here?s hoping someone can help me ! I grow the commercially available
> cultivars of Hippeastrum, and have started to seek to grow them on from
> year to year. When one buys them they?ll come typically with a pot and
> compost, and ones advised to plant them with a third to a half of the bulb
> showing.
> All?s well so far as the leaves are often emerging after the flowers; after
> the flowering the leaves typically end up flopping about - and I can?t help
> wondering about the growth habit (of the parents) in the wild. Do any of
> you good souks know how deep they typically grow/ are planted outdoors?
> Many thanks for reading this diatribe!
> Andrew

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