Michael Mace
Wed, 14 Feb 2018 09:43:20 PST
Shmuel wrote:

> I wonder if a "potentially invasive" section would be good?

In the individual descriptions of species, we already identify the ones that
tend to move around in a collection. So people are being responsibly warned
there. If we compile a separate list and label it "invasive" or "potentially
invasive," I am afraid that it could be misused by people who are trying to
ban all cultivation of non-native plants.

That probably sounds paranoid, but there's an effort online to compile all
reports of weediness into a single database for use by national regulatory
agencies. Any report of weediness, even personal correspondence, is added to
the database. It's not checked, and there's no room for subtleties like
"this one is a little aggressive but you can control it easily." Once
someone labels it a weed, it's a weed.

I don't think we should add to that list. We're responsible growers who know
how to maintain a proper collection, and I think the best approach is to
document what we're learning, species by species, so our fellow growers can
make well informed decisions about how to handle a particular plant in their

San Jose, CA

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