Joey Russell
Wed, 14 Feb 2018 09:00:17 PST
All the species, Muscari, Hyacinthoides, Cyclamen!!!  These are species that 
survive in my garden and are cherished because they are what grows in my 
climate in Northern California, east side, in the high plains desert!  I 
LOVE my Scutellaria because it survives without the attention I would need 
to give less hardy species!  My C. coum is flowering now as well as 
Galanthus and Iris Histeroides which always help my winter blues!  The 
overnight temperature here was 19 degrees F!

Joey Russell
Montague, CA

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From: Jane McGary
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: [pbs] invasive???

As one of probably a few PBS members who add Bellevalia species to our
collections, I encourage Shmuel to send seeds, but mention in a note
that it self-sows readily.  I don't have any Bellevalia self-sowing
here, though I have one in the open garden, but species in its relatives
Muscari and Hyacinthoides are pests in this climate, especially the
latter (the dreaded "Spanish bluebell"). Oncostemma (Scilla) peruviana
is invasive in California but never self-sows here in northern Oregon;
it's valuable for cutting. Some people I know here regard Cyclamen
hederifolium as a pest, but it's fine where I have it, in a spot where
almost nothing else will grow.

It's a good idea to grow unfamiliar plants in a pot for a while to
evaluate their behavior. I haven't annoyed myself with bulbs I
introduced (yet), but some rock garden perennials have behaved badly
(e.g. Scutellaria spp., Aethionema spp.). The worst invasives in my bulb
house are Oxalis obtusa and Narcissus cantabricus, N. romieuxii, and
their hybrids. Fortunately the Oxalis is not hardy in the open garden
here; that's all we need, another Oxalis weed.

Jane McGary

Portland, Oregon, USA

On 2/14/2018 1:01 AM, Shmuel Silinsky wrote:
> Obviously "invasive" depends on where the plant is from and where it is
> grown. Some plants self sow or "naturalize" but never become a problem. 
> Duh.
> So , inspired by the thread about no-care bulbs to be (hopefully) added to
> the wiki, I wonder if a "potentially invasive" section would be good? I
> know the answer is that everyone is busy and strapped, but the wiki is 
> open
> and write to the wiki people. : )
> Case in point, Bellevalia flexuosa, is a common native here in Israel and 
> I
> call it a weed, but many may want this. Is this a plant that others want
> and I can send to the BX or SX or is it a horrible scourge that would be
> unleashed into gardens.  Bottom line, do I throw them out or send them on?

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