Seeding time for Habranthus robustus, Leucocoryne sp, etc

Eugene Zielinski
Mon, 12 Feb 2018 15:18:16 PST
I basically agree with Mike Mace's advice.
It looks like most of these are winter growers.  Many winter growers germinate at cool temperatures, or oscillating temperatures (cool nights and somewhat warmer days).  I would wait till the fall before I sow them.  If you sow them now, there is a chance that they would germinate (in March), grow briefly for a month or so, then die down for the summer; the seedling bulbs may not be big enough to survive the dry summer.
The one exception is Habranthus robustus.  This bulb appreciates water year round, and the seeds are relatively short lived.  I would sow them now and water them through the summer.  If you're lucky, they will bloom in 2019.

Eugene Zielinski
Prescott Valley, Arizona

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>I have seeds Habranthus robustus, Leucocoryne sp (from Chile), Gladiolus
>carneus, Allium ashersonium, etc. I sow them outdoors in in pots my zone 9.
>Is now a good time to sow? Not much chance of frost, but cool nights and
>warmish days... I never really knoiw if they should be sown when the seeds
>are ripe at the end of the winter, or if they should wait till fall when
>the dry summer and heat end.n Usually I just sow and hope for the best, but
>I would like to get more precise.
>Jerusalem Israel
>Zone 9b

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