Seeding time for Habranthus robustus, Leucocoryne sp,

Michael Mace
Mon, 12 Feb 2018 07:51:55 PST
Shmuel asked:

>Is now a good time to sow?

For summer-dormant mediterranean-climate bulbs, I generally store the seeds
in a cool dry place (or a fridge) and then plant them in fall as the weather
cools. On a couple of occasions I've planted in summer because I had a lot
of work to do, and I got the impression that germination came a little later
in autumn than for freshly-planted seeds. But it was a minor difference, if
any at all, and so I think you can probably do whatever is more convenient
for you. Just don't water the pots if you plant them now (but you know that

San Jose, CA

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