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Albert Stella
Tue, 12 Jun 2018 09:27:16 PDT
 Dear All,

The seeds listed below have been donated by our members and friends to
be shared.

If you are interested in obtaining some of these seeds, **please email
me PRIVATELY at:**

Please put "SX 10" in the subject line.

AND LIST THOSE NUMBERS IN NUMERICAL ORDER. Orders will be accepted until
June 25th, 2018.

Please also include your shipping address (even if you've provided it
previously). When you receive your seeds, you will find, enclosed, a
statement of what you owe the PBS treasurer, $2.00 US per packet (+
shipping and handling).

I will not confirm my receipt of your order but will notify you,
eventually, if NONE of your requests are available.

Many of you are signed up to the PBS email discussion list, which is
free, but are not members of the Pacific Bulb Society which has a yearly
are not a member, please consider joining so that you can participate in
future offers such as this one. Go to:
for membership information.

Thank you, to all of our generous donors!


From Susan Clark

199. Cypella coelestis
200. Canarina canariensis **
201. Hesperantha latifolia
202. Sparaxis grandiflora subsp. grandiflora & subsp. violacea mixed
203. Sparaxis villosa
204. Romulea phoenicia 1
205. Romulea phoenicia 2

From Linda Wulf

206. Moraea huttonii
207. Wachendorfia thyrsiflora

From Francisco Lopez

208. Drimia maritima **
209. Paeonia cambessedesii **
210. Pancratium maritimum **
211. Potentilla vulgans
212. Zantedeschia elliottiana
213. Zantedeschia rehmannii

From Cody Hincliff

214. Acis autumnalis
215. Allium cf. siskiyouense
216. Calochortus cf. eurycarpus
217. Calochortus subalpinus
218. Erythronium grandiflorum
219. Erythronium cf. montanum
220. Fritillaria affinis
221. Heloniopsis orientalis
222. Lilium columbianum
223. Lilium martagon x L. hansonii
224. Ypsilandra thibetica

From Dennis Kramb

225. Diastema comiferum
226. Gloxinia perennis

From PBS

227. Pseudotrimezia sp. 'Gouveia' **
228. Gelasine coerulea 'Itatiaia' **
229. Cypella herbertii **
230. Sisyrinchium sp. 'Aguas Mornas' **
231. Herbertia lahue 'Morro dos Conventos' **
232. Cipura paludosa 'Cristalino' **

From Nick Plummer

233. Hippeastrum aulicum x H. papilio

From Mike Mace

234. Moraea spp. Asst. OP
235. Moraea 17-32 mm13-08 x 13-35
236. Moraea GK17-23 mm13-08 x 13-49a
237. Moraea GK17-22 mm13-35 x 11-15c
238. Moraea GK17_10 mm0213 x mm12-67
239. Moraea GK17_3 mm13-35 x 12-67
240. Moraea GK17_1 mm13-81 x 12-75

From Mary Sue Ittner

241. Gladiolus carmineus
242. Moraea polystachya

From Uli Urban

243. Cyclamen graceum f. album
244. Cyclamen graceum
245. Cyclamen persicum
246. Cyclamen rohlfsianum
247. Fritillaria raddeana
248. Galtonia candicans
249. Lilium chalcedonicum

From Dennis Kramb

250. Ennealophus euryandrus
251. Sinningia speciosa
252. Smithiantha Sdlg. TS-B5 x self

From Linda Wong

253. Manfreda maculata
254. Scilla madeirensis - collected in Madeira **

From Chad Cox

255. Freesia viridis
256. Freesia laxa
257. Tropaeolum brachyceras

From Rimmer deVries

258. Allium callimischon subsp. haemostictum
259. Allium karataviense 'Red Giant'
260. Allium amethystinum
261. Allium akaka
262. Allium ellisii ex. KV100 Iran
263. Allium myrianthum ex. Turkey, N. of Anatolya
264. Allium guttatum subsp. sardoum
265. Allium decipiens
266. Phaedranassa cinerea ex BX 347 MSI, he grew them from seed from Bill
Dijk - harv.4/2018
267. Massonia echinata ex. Corina Reider from NALS seed ex. - harv. 4/2018
268. Lachenalia pallida ex PBS seed sale 1/2014 came as L. namaquensis,
not. harv. spring 2018
269. Lachenalia splenda ex AGS 2013/14 #3495 harv. spring 2018
270. Lachenalia viridiflora ex Telos, harv. 4/2018

From Chad Cox

271. Hippeastrum aulicum

From Bob Hoel

272. Zephyranthes primulina
273. Zephyranthes drummondii

From ?? Donors lost, sorry. Please let me know!

274. Zephyranthes pulchella ex. Refugis, TX
275. Hypoxis nitida
276. Barnardia japonica syn. Scilla scilloides
277. Sinningia tubiflora
278. Sinningia eumorpha
279. Freesia laxa
280. Hippeastrum papilio
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