crinum question

Michael Kent
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 17:55:48 PDT
I'm new to growing crinum. I have a question for more experienced growers.

I got a number of crinum seeds (C. bulbispermum Jumbo, Jumbo - Les
Hannibal, C. macowanii from Kenya and Malawi) in last Summer's BXes. I
followed Jim Waddick's (? - I think) instructions for planting. Several of
the pots had two or three seeds per 10" pot. They're all growing well at
this point.

During a recent windy period, a number of pots I had on, or behind, a
breakwall 8-ish feet above the beach got flooded out by
splashing/ricocheting waves. Surprisingly, I was able to to rescue, and or
recover all of my pots/bulbs except half a pot of Tristagma 'Rolf Fiedler'.
(It was in a trough, planted at both ends, and only one end washed out, so
I still have a dozen or so bulbs.) Anyway, while I was repotting, or
topping off things that were partially washed out, I noticed that several
of the crinum seedling bulbs were larger than I had thought.

If the bulbs are somewhere between grape and walnut sized, should I repot
them, singly, now (especially since many of the roots have already been
disturbed), or wait until this Fall? Also, at what bulb size would it be
'safe' to try planting bulbs (the bulbispermum) outside in Zone 6a? The
original instructions had stated once the neck is thicker than a pencil
(not quite there yet).

Thanks in advance,

Who wonders if some lucky soul further down the lake is going to discover
some random 'Rolf Fiedler' bulbs before Winter kills them off.
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