Martagon lilies

Rodger Whitlock
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 18:20:28 PDT
Martagon lilies are flowering right now, and doing better than in the 
past. They are even starting to self-sow a little, so the patch is 
bigger than when originally planted; and one stray seed germinated right 
by my front steps and is flowering right now.

This is not because I am some super-gardener. Nor is it because the 
seeds I grew these from were in some way "special". The show is due 
entirely to the conditions of growth, so let me outline those:

1. Climate: cool Mediterranean with wet winters and cool summers.

2. Extra water? None.

3. Soil: a clay called "floured sand." This clay, unlike the blue marine 
clay so common here, can be worked when wet because it isn't sticky.

4. Drainage: poor. I get standing water near the martagons during wet 

5. Light: almost no direct sun but plenty of sky light.

6. Pests: deer, which in many seasons eat all the buds.

The great drawback to martagons is that though they are very beautiful, 
they smell bad and hence cannot be used as a cut flower.

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