Help needed for Hippeastrum book

Jane McGary
Sun, 17 Jun 2018 12:52:24 PDT

I'm writing this in the morning, when I can be calmer about the subject 
than I felt last night. As mentioned before, PBS is going to publish, at 
least online, the monograph "Hippeastrum in Bolivia." The authors have, 
however, submitted the numerous photos in a format that I had to 
download from the cloud (succeeded, I think), and it turned out to be in 
the .rar compressed format, which I could not deal with. Nhu Nguyen 
kindly extracted some of the photos for me, but the result is, according 
to the woman who is going to lay out the pdf, "too tiny." Whatever that 
exactly means. I'm putting out a desperate plea for someone reading this 
who is familiar with coping with such matters. The downloaded folder is 
150 MB, too large for me to email, so I will have to burn it on a CD or 
DVD and send it to you by postal mail. Don't even ask about having it 
put on the cloud! And I can't send it directly to the designer, because 
her new computer does not have a CD/DVD drive "because they must have 
thought nobody needed one now." Whoever deals with this can communicate 
directly with her and may be able to send things via a cloud site, which 
I can't do.

Please, if you can help us get these photos out of their format into 
jpgs of good resolution, write to me soon!


In hope,

Jane McGary

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