Six feet tall and blooming in Portland: What is it?

Nathan Lange
Sat, 09 Jun 2018 19:44:26 PDT

All the Drimia maritima that I've seen in Northern California usually 
flower no earlier than July with plants in cooler locations closer to 
the coast flowering as late as late September. The description of 
"bulbinella" type flowers inflorescences in June suggests the much 
earlier flowering Eremurus, although these don't fit the 
"grapefuit-sized" bulb description.


At 03:09 PM 6/9/2018, you wrote:
>I clicked a photo of an absolutely stunning cluster of six-foot tall 
>blooming beauties this morning at the corner NE 28th and Siskiyou in 
>Portland. The homeowner happened to be outside, and was happy to 
>tell me about how he purchased one grapefruit-sized bulb several 
>years ago and planted it, and how it's been multiplying ever since. 
>He said he couldn't remember what it was called. I was thinking 
>bulbinella, but that genus is rhizomatous and probably can't survive 
>in this climate anyway.

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