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Kathleen Sayce kathleen.sayce@gmail.com
Sun, 10 Jun 2018 07:45:30 PDT
Ernie’s list of flowering bulbs reminded me that my first Kniphofia, a lovely apricot yellow, found blooming on a vacant lot in a nearby town, is just flowering. 
Eucomis, a short and white flowered bulb, put its shoots up a few days ago and will flower towards the end of summer. 
s for the many Ornithogalum bulbs I once had, I saw one sprig of O. umbellatum flowering this year, no sign yet of O. magnum or ponticum, and I suspect the disease that wiped out the smaller species is now taking down the larger ones. My Camas patches were lovely a few weeks ago, and a few are setting seed. 
The proof of concept wire mesh cages for bulbs in my vole-intense garden appear to be working. I found vole tunnels on two sides of one cage, and the lily inside is about to flower. 
Erythroniums were lovely a few weeks ago, all are setting seed now. A wild-collected, seed grown Maianthemum racemosum is about to flower for the first time. Prosartes patches are also about to flower and have been spreading seedlings around nearby.
Pacific Coast Iris are nearing the end of their flowering season, which begins in late April and goes into June. Iris tenax and dwarf Iris douglasiana are the last to bloom, and are past peak flowering now. Seed set was not good this year, despite drier weather during flowering than is usual. 
As irises stop flowering, lilies start; in a week or so, Martagon lilies will being the lily-flowering season. 

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