Drimia/Urginea maritima

Pamela Slate myixia1@gmail.com
Tue, 12 Jun 2018 15:18:05 PDT
Something definitely unusual is going on with this climate. Today on my way
to the garden walking past my little U. maritima "forest," I noticed one of
the smaller bulbs IN FLOWER. It was shocking to see it this early since
they never have flowered before late summer.

But this perhaps should not seem so unusual since in this severe drought,
plants are showing many unusual behaviors. E.g., the saguaro cacti here
have produced excessively more flowers than I have ever seen in all my
years here in North Scottsdale AZ. This is obviously an effort to reproduce
even at the expense of energy use which is reflected in their more more
slender appearance.

So I'd expect other spp. to do the same and am thinking that is what's
happening with the Urginea.

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