Info on my contribution to SX 10

Michael Mace
Tue, 12 Jun 2018 15:49:36 PDT
Here's a bit more information on the seeds I contributed to SX 10:

These seeds were bred by noted Pacific Coast Iris breeder Garry Knipe, using
Moraea hybrids I shared with him. All of these are winter-growing Moraea
hybrids that should be planted this fall and grown in Mediterranean-climate
conditions (totally dry in summer).

> 234. Moraea spp. Asst. OP
These are assorted open pollinated seeds from Moraea species and hybrids.
Who knows what you'll get!

> 235. Moraea GK 17_32 (mm13-08 x mm 13-35)
This cross involves mostly Moraea villosa color forms. You should get
flowers in a variety of pastel colors, with contrasting blue or green eyes.

> 236. Moraea GK 17_23 (mm 13-08 x mm 13-49a)
M. villosa with some loubseri mixed in. You'll probably get narrower tepals
with interesting hairy centers on the flowers.

> 237. Moraea GK 17_22 (mm13-35 x mm 11-15c)
The pollen parent is a vivid magenta flower with red overtones near the eye.
Hopefully you'll get some brightly colored villosa-type flowers.

> 238. Moraea GK 17_10 (mm 09-02b x mm 12-67)
The seed parent is a large villosa-type flower that has some M. aristata in
it. The pollen parent is one of my favorite villosa crosses. It has very
wide rounded tepals. So I hope you'll get some large nicely-shaped flowers.

> 239. Moraea GK 17_3 (mm13-35 x mm 12-67)
Another villosa cross. You should get wide tepals in shades of pale violet.

> 240. Moraea GK 17_1 (mm13-81 x mm 12-75)
A mix of aristata, villosa, and atropunctata. You'll probably get white
flowers with dark blue or black eyes.

If you want to see photos of the parent plants, google them. For example,
"moraea MM 11-15" will lead you to a picture of that bright magenta hybrid:… 

Let me know if you have any questions.

San Jose, CA

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