Seeds on offer from Susan Clark

Susan Clark
Tue, 12 Jun 2018 16:04:23 PDT
Hi everyone,

Just a few notes about some of the seeds I sent to the Sx:

Cypella coelestis - this is not seeds of the species, it is a
blue/grey/yellow variation, which came true from seeds I bought. I sent
photos  to the list on December 31st, showing both the more usual flower
and this variation.

Romulea phoenicia - Both 1 and 2 are from the same plants. They were just
harvested at different times, and packaged as such. I sent photos of this
one to the list on 25th February as I was querying its identity. It came as
seeds of Romulea clusiana, but in a private message Mary Sue Ittner thought
that it could be Romulea phoenicia- so really needs a question mark by this

Hope this helps, so that everyone knows what they’re getting:)

Close to the shortest day here. A bit much of the rainy stuff, but the
sunny days are very welcome for all my leafy bulbs in pots. Many seeds now
starting to germinate in the greenhouses. I’m always so happy when
something germinates, as this is certainly not a given!

Kind regards,
Susan (NZ)
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