Is Calochortus vestae in bloom?

Diane Whitehead
Tue, 29 May 2018 07:46:56 PDT
Thank you to those who sent me information.  I am still in California, seeing lots of flowers.
I was able to see lots of C vestae and a couple of other species of Calochortus as well.

I was curious to see what the bulbils in the leaf axils would look like - would they be like
the ones in tiger lilies?

I couldn't see any, but then examined a plant with six flower buds emerging from leaf axils.
I could see a little white bump near the bottom of the stem of one of those flower buds.
Is that a bulbil?  Does it develop further after the flower dies?

I posted some pictures on the Scottish Rock Garden Club forum:

Diane Whitehead
Victoria B.C., Canada
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