Is Calochortus vestae in bloom?

Kipp McMichael
Tue, 29 May 2018 09:23:46 PDT

  That is indeed a bulbil. In my experience, the bulbils will increase in size even in stems picked before/at bud opening. Starting from de-budded stems with bulbils similar to the size you picture, when left to dry upright, I've gotten bulbils as big as chickpeas by the time the stem is fully dry.

  This can be a "low impact" way to get clones of particularly nice plants from the wild (though only some species are bulbiliferous).

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Thank you to those who sent me information.  I am still in California, seeing lots of flowers.
I was able to see lots of C vestae and a couple of other species of Calochortus as well.

I was curious to see what the bulbils in the leaf axils would look like - would they be like
the ones in tiger lilies?

I couldn't see any, but then examined a plant with six flower buds emerging from leaf axils.
I could see a little white bump near the bottom of the stem of one of those flower buds.
Is that a bulbil?  Does it develop further after the flower dies?

I posted some pictures on the Scottish Rock Garden Club forum:…

Diane Whitehead
Victoria B.C., Canada
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