Rebuilding my Collection/Geophyte Housefire Resilience

Rodney Barton via pbs
Sun, 06 May 2018 05:28:07 PDT
Very sorry to hear about the fire! I can help you with the Neomarica when this year's crop of plantlets grow a little.  You can check the SIGNA web site for a list of seeds that are still available so you can start again with those. The sale of the 2017 seeds is temporarily suspended so contact me privately.

      From: Joe G <>
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 Sent: Saturday, May 5, 2018 10:32 PM
 Subject: [pbs] Rebuilding my Collection/Geophyte Housefire Resilience
hey bulbophile friends,

I recently finished the long, emotional process of an insurance claim
we had for a fire earlier this year. Nobody was hurt, luckily! The
insurance company didn't end up covering any plants in the
house/greenhouse, but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone could
help me (re)build my collection. Here's an incomplete list of what was
lost; many were acquisitions from the PBS SX and BXs over the last
year, several from SIGNA and NARGS seed exchanges, and some from
now-defunct nurseries.

South African: Agapanthus inapertus, Babiana rubrocyanea, Chasmanthe
bicolor, Clivia miniata x gardenii, Crinum bulbispermum 'Jumbo',
Gladiolus emiliae, Gladiolus odoratus, Gladiolus vanderwermei,
Gloriosa superba, Hesperantha coccinea, Hesperantha culcullata, Ixia
viridiflora, Lachenalia viridiflora, Littonia/Gloriosa modesta,
Melasphaerula racemosa, Moraea aristata, Moraea huttonii, Moraea
spathulata, Nerine bowdenii, Nerine hybrids, Rhodohypoxis baurii,
Sparaxis elegans mixed colors, Sandersonia aurantiaca, Spiloxene

Tropical American: Alophia drummondii, Alstroemeria pulchella, Begonia
boliviensis, Bomarea salsilla, Cypella herbertii, Gelasine elongata,
Herbertia pulchella, xHippeastrelia 'Durga Pradhan', Hymenocallis
maximiliani, Griffinia liburniana, Neomarica candida, Rhodophiala
bifida, Rhodophiala granatiflora (grandiflora?), Seemannia 'Evita'
(maybe - not sure if it was dead or dormant), various Zephyranthes.

Misc: Amorphophallus konjac, Blandfordia punicea, Spiranthes sinensis

I love neotropical irids, Alstroemerias and Bomareas, gesneriads, and
the more unusual amaryllids - my Stenomessons, Phaedranassas and
Eustephias all (except some very small P. tunguraguae seedlings)
fortunately survived. For South African bulbs, I'm interested in
unusual colors & odd color combinations and flowers with black or
green patterning, and (former Homoglossum) Gladiolus to cross with G.
tristis for new colors/patterns of Homoglad. I'd also be excited for
South African & neotropical bulbs that could be tried outdoors here -
upper edge of zone 7/lower zone 6 (minimum temperature here last
winter was -2°f, but some sheltered spots never went below 12 °f).


p.s. for the morbidly curious, I had a much higher survival rate among
Amaryllidaceae than Iridaceae or Hyacinthaceae, including some
surprises (70% of my seedling Pamianthe started last summer made it
through, and 80% of my Clivias). Plants that were dormant fared far
better than plants in growth, with the exception of evergreen or
nearly-evergreen bulbs (e.g. Veltheimia). I don't know how hot it got,
but some plastic plant pots melted and the radiant heat through the
windows was enough to scorch a Rhododendron outside. Seeds that were
in the fridge at the time are germinating normally as far as I can
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