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Hansen Nursery robin@hansennursery.com
Wed, 28 Nov 2018 15:50:16 PST
I agree with Jim Waddick's take on problems with bulb companies.  If it's resolved satisfactorily, that is actually very important.  All nurseries, no matter how good, can have a problem once in a great while.  If the problems are frequent, take them off your shopping list.

Speaking as a nursery owner, I want all the feedback I can get.  From time to time I'll even check on an order, asking such things as whether planting instructions were easy to follow and clearly illustrated, quality of shipment, how plants grew for them, etc.  If I send a plant and it turns out the wrong color, Ipheion uniflorum pink and it was supposed to be white, I want to hear about it and I will replace it at no cost.  Ditto species errors as well.  In particular shipments to places like Alaska demand a follow-up even though the quality of UPS deliveries has never been an issue.  Maybe you could call it "mother-hen syndrome"?  I just want the plants to grow for everyone.

I've also had the feedback on the order of "I screwed up and didn't (or did) do this..."  This information is valuable too.

Hansen Nursery

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