Phycella bicolor

Jane McGary
Tue, 30 Oct 2018 14:26:00 PDT
My Chilean plant guides still use Phycella, not Eustephia, and give 
Phycella bicolor and Phycella ignea as separate species. Other than the 
color of the tepals, the descriptions are not much different, except 
that P. bicolor is said to have up to 9 flowers in the umbel, and P. 
ignea up to 6. P. ignea's common name is A~na~nuca de fuego, much like 
the Latin name, but P. bicolor is called Azucena del diablo ('of the 
devil'). It's understandable that these might not be treated as fully 
separate species by some authorities.

How reliable is Plants of the World?

Jane McGary

On 10/30/2018 12:14 PM, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
> I was going to add some of the recent information provided on the list 
> to the Phycella wiki page, but have a question about the names. 
> According to Plants of the World online, Phycella bicolor (Ruiz & 
> Pav.) Herb. is a synonym of Eustephia coccinea Cav. The references are 
> IPNI and the World checklist of plants. On the wiki Phycella bicolor 
> is listed as a synonym for Phycella ignea. Diana is saying they are 
> different species.
> Plants of the World online is listing Phycella ignea (Lindl.) Lindl. 
> as a synonym of Phycella cyrtanthoides (Sims) Lindl. Does anyone have 
> up to date information about what names we should be using on the wiki?
> Mary Sue
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