Hyacinthoides mauritanica subspecies bulbs differ slightly

M Gastil-Buhl gastil.buhl@gmail.com
Wed, 31 Oct 2018 19:16:33 PDT
As I was replanting this morning I noticed these two subspecies differ
slightly in their appearance: deeper color, fewer root bumps and more
sprouting in the ssp. vincenti. It could be due to having grown in
different boxes, one receiving more light (the H. mauritanica ssp.
mauritanica from PBS BX 296#17) or having been stored 2 weeks longer (the
ssp. vincentii from Illahaei). These slight differences I would have
overlooked if not seen together.

This coming season I will be able to observe them in adjacent plantings.
Both thrive in my garden and increased these past 5 years despite neglect.
The ones from the BX were tiny originally in 2011 and when dug this year
comprised more than 50% of the soil! The ones from Illahae increased from
just 2 to 17. I see from the pbs wiki that these are Hyacinthoides now, not
Scilla, so I will have to make new labels.

Santa Barbara, California
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