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Wed, 10 Oct 2018 04:48:42 PDT
Hi all,

I'm one of Paul's customers as well, and to double the harm, I was 
tricked by the same seed supplier. The person in question operated from 
several ebay accounts based in Mexico, always offering 5-10 seeds of 
Tigridia species for 15-25 US$. He has been active at least until early 
summer. I've found out later, that the images used were partly based on 
flickr, Inaturarlist or similar, so ALWAYS google Images from suspicious 
sellers - and always consider 2$ a seed suspicious.

I'm happy Rareplants finally replied and will refund - i had sent a 
first notice about the situation in early August, probably right in the 
nursery holidays, and back then not all of the bulbs had flowered. Oh, 
and the species introduced before last November @ Rareplants are likely 
the true stuff, the Orthantha definitely is, I got that one, too.

I'm sorry for giving out that Seedseller warning as late as I do - I was 
partly ashamed (I had ordered 12 or more species there), partly I tried 
to keep that seller friendly, as I offered him to pay again for new 
seeds to be sent, but only after they had flowered - I thought he'd go 
and get the reported common species out there like T. meleagris, which 
were reported by Inaturalist all around his address as used on the seed 
sent. He replied he'd do, but nothing happened since then.

  Yes, I'm totally in love with the genus (or the whole tribe) and love 
makes blind. So if anyone on the list knows reliable suppliers of any 
Tigridia besides pavonia, orthantha, VanHouttei subsp. VanHouttei, 
immaculata and chiapiensis, I'd love to know.


Am 10.10.2018 um 13:15 schrieb Wylie Young via pbs:
>   I e-mailed Rareplants, and Paul replied that it does appear he was tricked by his Mexican supplier, and will be offering a coupon for this and any others you inform him of as being incorrect. Can't ask for more than that!Wylie
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