Rain Lily dormancy

Charles Cresson ccresson1@verizon.net
Mon, 29 Oct 2018 11:58:08 PDT
My experience with rain lilies goes back decades, Zephyranthes grandiflora
(now carinata?) for the longest since there was always a pot when around
when I was a child. Since then I have gradually acquired others and they all
get the same treatment, which is to move the pots to the cellar in late
October and let then dry out with no water until they are moved out again in
April.  They get watered all summer and most bloom intermittently.  There is
often some foliage growth in the dark cellar until the pots dry out.
Temperature about 60F in winter.  The beauty of this is that they require no
attention when indoor growing space is at a premium.  The most floriferous
under this regimen are Z. grandiflora, Z. macrociphon, and 'Labuffarosea'.
Z. candida also thrives with this treatment although only blooming in fall
and is also hardy outdoors here.  I haven't tried many of the new hybrids.

Charles Cresson
Southeastern Pennsylvania, warming into zone7a of late 

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Mike - rain lilies (Zephyranthes) are not normally winter dormant.  Their
dormancy periods are much more aligned to hostile conditions.  So here where
several are Native they grow vigorously from first fall rains to first very
hard freeze, then from last very hard freeze to first summer heat/ drought.
They really prefer the intermediate temps of spring and fall, which may
explain why yours are exiting dormancy.  If they don?t get a very hard
freeze, many prefer to continue growing through winter.  I?ve found that
cool greenhouse growth in winter really causes them to thrive. I?d say they
want to grow in mid 50s. I can?t advise on forcing dormancy, since I?ve
never tried it.  But I would have left them out with perhaps a light frost
cover, until the cold actually induced dormancy then put them in a very cool
place like a garage. 

John Ignacio 8b


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