Phycella bicolor

Michael Kent
Mon, 29 Oct 2018 19:36:25 PDT
I need some help with this plant. My bulb has sent up sprouts three times
since I acquired it. Each time, the sprouts only got about 2" out of the
soil before flopping over and dying off. Two of the times, I was trying to
water very lightly since my only option for winter growing bulbs is the
basement, under grow-lights (With the temps in the mid-50's, too much water
tends to lead to cold and damp soil.). The third time, I watered more than
previously, but still had no success.

I recently was looking at some information on Chile-Flora website. It
states that the P. bicolor grows in an area that receives nearly constant
rainfall. The annual rainfall may be up to 32", mostly concentrated in the
winter months. It also stated that the soil tends to be either clay with
limited drainage, or poor soil with good drainage. The soil in the pot may
not quite qualify as poor, but the drainage is good.

I now have a few more sprouts coming up. Should I be watering heavily until
Spring, or will that just cause more problems?

Thank you for any input.

Zone 6a in the Finger Lakes, where the paperwhites are impatiently popping
out of the ground
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