Bulb referenced in 'Bulbs for Warm Climates'

Michael Kent kenttoto@gmail.com
Mon, 29 Oct 2018 21:52:57 PDT
I was looking at the Google sample view of TM Howard's 'Bulbs for Warm

On page 53, he discusses a rain lily he names × Coobranthus coryi which he
says is a naturally occurring hybrid of Cooperia pedunculata (which is now
Zephyranthes drummondii) and Habranthus howardii. There is a picture - it
resembles H. sanavirone except that the color is darker yellow-cream.

Does anyone know what this would now (correctly) be called? Googling ×
Coobranthus coryi gives a number of references to Dr. Howard and his book,
and a number of 'page no longer exists' hits. The only page referencing the
name, but not falling into either above category, was in French. Google
translate garbled the translation, but I was able to recall enough French
from the high school days to get the gist that the × Coobranthus was
accepted, but 'coryi' was not. No mention is made of an alternate name.


Z6a Finger Lakes
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