Long toms

Jane Sargent jane@deskhenge.com
Fri, 14 Sep 2018 20:35:59 PDT
I used to make my own pots out of clay, but that was a long time ago, 
almost in another life. While I love the concept of 3D printing, it 
works best for small runs. It would take you forever and a whole lot of 
fairly expensive plastic to make 250 pots, for example, but it might be 
just the thing for 15 pots. The next step up is injection molding, a 
plastic technology for making lots of identical objects more cheaply. If 
PBS members in the aggregate would want to buy hundreds of some standard 
size of long tom pots, perhaps with a decoration or PBS logo, probably 
injection molding would be the inexpensive way to produce them.

What I always liked about ceramic pots, other than the sense of nearly 
total control over their production, was that they were heavy enough 
that they rarely fell over. It was fun to make them with little lugs so 
that they could be hung up by a cord, also. They could even have 
drainage holes and an attached saucer. They could be porous or not. If 
money is no object (doubtful proposition,) they could solve most 
problems that pots pose.

Plastic is much cheaper and doesn't break if you drop it. It can be made 
with holes for a cord, even, and in many offensive or non-offensive colors.

Jane Sargent

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