Romneya coulteri

Monica Swartz
Sun, 16 Sep 2018 07:34:48 PDT
Leo, your Romneya will have trouble with your summer heat. The 
hottest place I've seen them growing is at UC Riverside (in front of 
the Botany department) which gets some pretty high temps, but never 
the persistent heat of the desert. They are native to the Santa Ana 
Mountains where they get no summer rain but do have some occasional 
fog. They don't die back in the summer but stop growing above ground. 
Like all poppies, they hate transplantation, but I think you need to 
put yours in the ground if it will have a chance to keep the roots 
cool enough. An alternative is a clay pot in a sand plunge. Use good 
drainage and keep the plant at the same level as in the pot. Don't 
cover the roots with mulch but instead plant it behind a big rock so 
the base of the plant is shaded in the afternoon. Try to use rain 
water since Phoenix tap water is quite salty. Watch for spider mites.
Good luck! monica
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