Cyrtanthus sanguineus

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 01 Sep 2018 15:40:03 PDT
After not flowering for years after being taken down by the Narcissus 
Bulb Fly and then probably not getting the care it needed, today I was 
thrilled to see a single flower in my greenhouse. We were fortunate to 
go on a trip led by Cameron McMaster to the Eastern Cape in 2010. 
Labeled the "Friends Trip" there were five of us from California 
including my husband and Bob and Marlene Werra, and five from South 
Africa including Rhoda McMaster, Rod and Rachel Saunders, John Manning 
and Ted Oliver, an Erica expert. You can imagine how lucky we were. 
Every night we'd look at Cameron's photos of what we saw that day and 
listen to the experts discuss what they were. And then we would vote for 
the flower of the day. On my birthday, a particularly wonderful day for 
orchids and Proteas, Cameron let me extend that to four favorites. At 
the end of the trip we voted for the flower of the trip and it was 
Cyrtanthus sanguineus. Rod wrote a nice piece in the IBSA bulletin about 
what a find it was and how excited he had been at the discovery. I added 
some photos to the wiki at the time, but maybe some day I'll replace 
them with larger ones. We had a size limit at the time.…

It has special meaning to me for it to flower again, especially as I 
hear another suspect has been arrested in Holland. It brought back a 
good memory of a very special day and an exciting find.

Attached is a photo of Cameron, Rod, and Rachel surveying the scene.

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