Romneya coulteri (non-Californian response)

Sat, 15 Sep 2018 23:45:23 PDT

another non-californian answer: R. coultri is slowly starting to be 
offered in Germany, here with the winter being cited as the critical 
time. Mine was planted last year in the spring, had one flower the first 
year, so I thought: OK, give it time to establish. Winter was OK, plant 
lived through the unusually warm January, froze back to the ground in 
February but came back strong from the roots by beginning of April. 
That's when we had another weather anomaly, Summer starting right in 
late April (up to 29.7°C) and nearly no rain from then on up until a few 
weeks ago, which is highly unusual around here. I tried my best to keep 
everything watered (I expect my bill to shoot through the roof), but 
several plants I thought drought tolerant actually struggled. My Romneya 
only produced a bush of those nice silvery leaves (about 1m high, 1.5 m 
across) but never set flowers - I'm actually under the impression, it 
was too dry while too hot for it, average daytime maximum for June to 
August was around 30°C with 10 days reaching above 35°C.  So: was it 
wrong to water?

Greetings from Germany!

Am 16.09.2018 um 01:46 schrieb penstemon:
>> I ask Californians for some information on this huge poppy with some 
>> trepidation. It isn't in our photographs section. It doesn't have a 
>> bulb, just large tapering roots, like Ranunculus, which is in our 
>> Wiki. >However, it is Pacific, and it does come back in fall from a 
>> large underground water storage system.
> For what it’s worth, Romneya coulteri is fairly commonly grown in 
> gardens in Ireland, and in the U.K.
> There are, or were, plants at Denver Botanic Gardens (on the south 
> side of the alpine house).
> Bob Nold
> Denver, Colorado
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