Mystery bulb about to bloom

M Gastil-Buhl
Mon, 08 Apr 2019 19:31:01 PDT
I posted my mystery bulb to the wiki.…
Soon it will open and I will have more clues. I have had this bulb a long
time, since the late 1990's, but it has never before put up a bloom stalk.
It has been a lot of effort to keep it alive in the ground where it cannot
tolerate even the lightest frost and has been exposed to gophers and
careless feet. So last August I dug it up while its leaves were dormant and
potted it to keep under cover. The leaves die back when the soil dries but
I've noticed it will stay green if I water it. Then more leaves emerged
from bulbs I missed seeing so I had to build it a frost cage. The most
distinct feature is a light line down the center of the leaves, visible
from the top side of the leaf, not the bottom side. And the leaves are
narrow at their base, then wide in the middle. In some ways it resembles a
Hippeastrum. Just today someone mentioned Either blumenavia and that looks
vaguely similar. I will post again after it opens.
Any guesses?

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