Wed, 03 Apr 2019 10:16:47 PDT
>I have just received a lot of crocosmia bulbs. When can they be planted? 
>I am in zone 5, and the snow has melted at least for now.
Crocosmias like ‘Lucifer’ and ‘George Davidson’ are perfectly hardy here in Denver (but, oh, do they need a lot of summer water). 
One way to do it is to plant the corms now, in peat pots, water them, and keep them indoors “until all danger of frost has passed”. 
Then, if leaves have emerged, dig a hole about 15 cm deep and plant the peat pot at the bottom. Only back-fill when the foliage has died back in the autumn. 
This way the corms are deep enough to make it over the next winter. 
Bob Nold
Denver, Colorado, USA

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