Asarum canadense sun tolerance

Thu, 07 Feb 2019 14:10:34 PST
This from a UK site that sells it as a ground cover:
Asarum canadense – Wild Ginger. (Asarum acuminatum) A lovely little
spreader for shade. The kidney shaped leaves are a fresh apple green and
covered in minute hairs, giving the surface a silky sheen. One of the most
adaptable and tolerant of the Asarum, tolerating drought, moist sites and
alkalinity with equal ease. Deciduous and very hardy.

This from "Plants of Coastal British Columbia" the absolutely BEST
reference for wild plants as well as ethno-botany of the coast from Oregon
to Alaska:
Asarum canadense/Asarum caudatum - wild ginger, ecology notes -- rich
bottomlands, moist, shaded forests, frequently in thick leaf mould that
partly hides the flowers; common at low to middle elevations.

The real key seems to be moisture at ground level, and leaf mould or moss.
In my many forest walks I've stands of it in both sun and deep shade, or in
the sunny verges at the edge of conifer stands, so sun part of the day. BUT
it ALWAYS has moist feet, never bare soil, and always grows up through a
mossy or leaf-littered/conifer needle-littered ground.
Jo-Ann Canning
Vancouver Island

On Thu, 7 Feb 2019 at 12:49, Dennis Kramb <> wrote:

> Near my property line I have cultivated a lovely and large patch of Asarum
> canadense in the shade of my neighbors pine trees.  The first plants
> originally appeared all on their own about twenty years ago.
> New neighbors have seen fit to chop all those trees down last week (at the
> peak of the polar vortex no less). So now the plants are in full sun.
> Is a shade screen necessary for them to survive?
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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