Mystery Tubers

Brian Whyer via pbs
Sun, 28 Jul 2019 11:18:31 PDT
 Look like one of the Colchicums to me.
    On Sunday, 28 July 2019, 16:59:11 BST, Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:  
 Recently I unpotted one of my community pots. I have a number of raised 
beds with large pots of bulbs in containers that nest in containers with 
the medium between them a mix of sand and gravel. I don't repot them 
every year unless when I pull them out in summer it is clear they are 
full of redwood roots that have made their way in through the drainage 
holes. This pot I hadn't repotted for years. When I repot I sometimes 
find what I originally planted is gone, dwindled or sometimes increased 
dramatically, but also find some items that are not on my tags for that 
pot. This time I found a whole lot of different sized tubers. They look 
a bit like Gloriosa tubers to me (maybe modesta?) Nothing faintly 
resembling those leaves had ever appeared in that pot to my knowledge, 
but my raised beds are dry in summer and rained on in winter, not at all 
like Gloriosa tubers I have in my greenhouse that are dry in winter and 
I start watering late spring and continue watering through the summer. I 
suppose someĀ  seed could have made its way into the pot and had years to 
develop and if so tolerated winter rainfall, sometimes a lot of it 
(although those pesky redwood roots do soak up the moisture). I'm happy 
to send them to Albert for the BX in case anyone wants to experiment 
with them, but it would be nice to know their identity. I attach a photo.

Mary Sue in Northern California

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