Makiko Goto-Widerman
Fri, 19 Jul 2019 23:45:29 PDT
I enjoyed the article about a species, which bloom only in Tibron.  I never
heard about the particular Calochortus before.  I lived nearby Tibron for a
few years, and I know there are many rare wildflowers, which
bloom only in that small area.  I never visited John Thomas Howell
Wildflower Preserve in Tibron, but that must be the place where you can
find unusual looking Calochortus tiburonensis.
I checked the article about the Wildflower Preserve.  Unfortunately, they
do not mention about Calochortus tiburonensis.   Instead they describe
another rare wildflowers.

This year I moved from Tibron area to Palo Alto area, and I found abundant
pure white fairy lanterns, Calochortus Albus in the Santa Cruz Mountain.  A
plain yellow Calochortus bloomed at sunny hillside. So beautiful.

*Makiko Goto-Widerman*

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 10:36 AM Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:

> Our Calochortus wiki pages have always been full of wonderful
> information and photographs. Mary Gerritsen, co author of a book on
> Calochortus, spent many hours adding information and photographs to our
> wiki pages. You can read about her and find links on her Contributors page.
> Michael Mace, long time wiki contributor/adminitrator, added a lot of
> information about cultivation, links to other resources, and information
> about various species. Mike is an especially good story teller and I
> remember enjoying reading about his discovery of one of the unusual
> looking species, Calochortus tiburonensis, now archived.
> Travis Owen added links to Kipp McMichael's discussions of his trips to
> find Calochortus in the wild.
> David Pilling, Kipp, and I have recently spent a lot of time on new
> additions to the Calochortus wiki pages. We were able to secure
> permission from editors Hugh McDonald, Georgie Robinett, and Diana
> Chapman to add the issues of  Mariposa, the newsletter of the
> Calochortus Society, a quarterly issued between 1989 and 2005. Kipp made
> each scanned issue searchable and I added text and an index to the
> Mariposa page and links from each species to the specific issue in which
> it was discussed along with information about additional species and the
> Robinetts. Hugh McDonald's photos from his trips were no longer on the
> web and David made a new gallery of them arranged by Ownbey's
> classification.
> Without a doubt our wiki pages are the best source of information on
> Calochortus on the Internet.
> We don't want to take the server down so ask those Calochortus fans not
> to download all the issues of Mariposa on the same day, but to enjoy
> them over a period of time.
> Mary Sue
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