Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 19 Jul 2019 10:35:33 PDT
Our Calochortus wiki pages have always been full of wonderful 
information and photographs. Mary Gerritsen, co author of a book on 
Calochortus, spent many hours adding information and photographs to our 
wiki pages. You can read about her and find links on her Contributors page.…

Michael Mace, long time wiki contributor/adminitrator, added a lot of 
information about cultivation, links to other resources, and information 
about various species. Mike is an especially good story teller and I 
remember enjoying reading about his discovery of one of the unusual 
looking species, Calochortus tiburonensis, now archived.…

Travis Owen added links to Kipp McMichael's discussions of his trips to 
find Calochortus in the wild.

David Pilling, Kipp, and I have recently spent a lot of time on new 
additions to the Calochortus wiki pages. We were able to secure 
permission from editors Hugh McDonald, Georgie Robinett, and Diana 
Chapman to add the issues of  Mariposa, the newsletter of the 
Calochortus Society, a quarterly issued between 1989 and 2005. Kipp made 
each scanned issue searchable and I added text and an index to the 
Mariposa page and links from each species to the specific issue in which 
it was discussed along with information about additional species and the 
Robinetts. Hugh McDonald's photos from his trips were no longer on the 
web and David made a new gallery of them arranged by Ownbey's 

Without a doubt our wiki pages are the best source of information on 
Calochortus on the Internet.

We don't want to take the server down so ask those Calochortus fans not 
to download all the issues of Mariposa on the same day, but to enjoy 
them over a period of time.…

Mary Sue

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