Jane Sargent
Thu, 24 Oct 2019 13:56:23 PDT
Here in Massachusetts, zone 5b, there was a surprise yesterday. Two 
small clumps of crocuses bloomed in the lawn. They are probably Crocus 
tommasinianus, perhaps Barr's Purple. That patch of lawn was planted 
with crocus about 25 years ago, and in the Spring there are lots of 
blooms there, but this does not happen in October. I have never planted 
autumn crocus bulbs in the yard, just tommies and a few large Dutch crocus.

Will there be a plague of frogs? Will the river turn to blood, or is 
this just some normal variation I never noticed before? Will these 
plants die when it gets colder? Will they rebloom some time?

We have already had frost. My wipers pushed some off the windshield this 

Always surprises...

Jane Sargent

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