Calochortus kennedyi
Thu, 24 Oct 2019 09:06:02 PDT
Jim wrote:

> Has anyone been able to get Calochortus kennedyi to bloom in captivity? If
so how do you treat them? 

I had my first near miss this year, after years of trying with no success at
all. The bulbs are in a raised bed, with equal parts of sand, gravel, and
planting mix. One of them put up a nice looking bloom stalk this spring,
with one bud just starting to show color -- but then we had some late spring
rains and the whole thing withered up. I didn't have the heart to check the
bulbs this summer; I fear the worst.

But there's hope. Now we have a payoff for all the work that several of our
members put into digitizing the old newsletters of the Calochortus Society!
Thanks to their outstanding work, I can point you to the issue that focused
on C. kennedyi, complete with growing instructions. It's here:…

At the back end of that issue you'll find a lot of detailed instruction on
how to grow that species. Check it out.

Note to anyone who is interested in Calochortus: those newsletters are a
goldmine. You can see the whole collection here:…

San Jose, CA

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