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As per the PBS bylaws we are to hold an election in November of  odd numbered  years.
This November we are scheduled to hold elections for four positions on the Board.
PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer.
All other Board positions are appointed by the   Board.

Also as per bylaws we are to form a nominating committee to identify current board members interested in continuing their service and also entertain other PBS members who have interest in being nominated for Board positions.
The current Board will vote on the slate of candidates.

I have volunteered to be  the   chair  the nominating committee and was approved by the Board vote and  have identified three current PBS members who are wiling to serve on the committee.
Please submit to me at  Arnold140@verizon.net  letters of interest in being nominating to run for a board seat.
Please identify which position you express interest in.
Please reply to my email address and I will distribute the Nominating committee.
I have copied the relevant Bylaws addressing the election below.
Thank you 

ArnoldChair Nominating Committee, PBS

Section 1. The Board shall be composed of between seven(7) and eleven (11) members, comprised of Elected Directors and AppointedDirectors, the number to be established by Resolution. Section 2. Elected Directors are selected through anominating process and Appointed Directors are selected by the Board to servein a Position of Responsibility in service to the Society. Section 3. There is no limit on the number of terms aDirector may serve on the Board. Section 4. Elections will be held every two years inNovember of each odd numbered year for Elected Directors.  Section 5. A Nominating Committee appointed by thePresident and confirmed by the Board will propose candidates to the Board forElected Directors.

Section 6. The Nominating Committee shall present itsrecommendations for Elected Directors to the full Board at least 15 days priorto the November meeting referenced in Article VI, Section 3. 
Section 7. New Directors will be included in all communications of theBoard immediately following their election or appointment.

Section 8. Appointed Directors will become members of theBoard immediately upon confirmation of their appointment by the Board or on thedate specified in the Board confirmation action.  Section 9. Directors shall be members of the organizationand shall maintain full membership in the organization through their term ofservice. Section 10. A vacancyor vacancies on the Board shall be deemed to exist on the occurrence of thefollowing: (i) the death, resignation, or removal of any Director; (ii)whenever the number of authorized Directors is increased; (iii) the failure ofthe Board, at any meeting at which any Director or Directors are to be elected,to elect the full authorized number of Directors Section 11. If aDirector cannot or does not perform his or her responsibilities includingattendance at Board meetings, the Board shall request that the president orvice president discuss the situation with the individual.  Section 12. The Boardmay by resolution declare vacant the office of a Director who has been declaredof unsound mind by an order of court, or convicted of a felony, or found byfinal order or judgment of any court to have breached a duty under CaliforniaNonprofit Corporation Law.  Section 13. The Board,by affirmative vote of a majority of the Directors then in office, may removeany Director without cause at any regular or special meeting; provided that theDirector to be removed has been notified in writing in that such action wouldbe considered at the meeting and provided a reasonable opportunity toparticipate in the meeting. Section 14. Except asprovided in this paragraph, any director may resign effective upon givingwritten notice to the president, the secretary, or the Board of Directors,unless the notice specifies a later time for the effectiveness of theresignation. If the resignation is effective at a future time, a successor maybe designated to take office when the resignation becomes effective. Unless theCalifornia Attorney General is first notified, no director may resign when thecorporation would then be left without a duly elected director in charge of itsaffairs. Section 15. Vacancies on the Board may be filled by vote ofa majority of the directors then in office, whether or not the number ofdirectors then in office is less than a quorum, or by vote of a sole remainingdirector.  Section 16. No reduction of the authorized number ofdirectors shall have the effect of removing any director before that director'sterm of office expires.  

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