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Jane McGary
Sun, 27 Oct 2019 11:46:36 PDT
I think Rhodophiala bifida seed may be less than popular in the SX 
because the species is widely available in the US Southeast as container 
plants or just shared around among gardeners. It does not thrive in the 
NOrthwest, where I live, and probably isn't grown in the colder parts of 
North America.

This is my first experience handling BX material directly, but I always 
look at the offering lists to see if there's anything there I want. 
Usually there isn't, because I don't have a heated greenhouse for South 
African bulbs, nor is it humid enough in summer here to suit some of the 
subtropical amaryllids that might otherwise survive the modicum of frost 
in winter (they will survive, but not thrive or flower). PBS membership 
is especially strong in the warmer parts of the USA, though. Some of the 
unpopularity of certain donated items may result from their being known 
as invasive (so there's plenty of material to donate!).

I admit a biased viewpoint, but I do encourage people to donate seed and 
bulbs of winter-hardy species.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon

On 10/27/2019 9:30 AM, Mizcynthia wrote:
> I think I read during this discussion that there were a surprising number of “leftover” bulb seeds that had been kept back after no one asked to receive them. It’s hard to know what is popular and what isn’t, but many people might want to start by growing simple and easy seed first, then building their collection as they become more skilled and more aware. I always try to save Rhodophiala bifida, both the red and the pink strain, because the bulbs can be expensive and because R. bifida had been said for years to be some sort of triploid strain that can’t set seed. But experimenting shows that it won’t self-pollinate. Planting a few pinks cause the reds to happily set seed. Now I wonder if those seeds languished without getting sent out, too. As long as people are taking time to analyze the Box, please tell us what’s not moving well, probably in the winter, so we can plan for what we send later.
> Cynthia W Mueller
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