Reorganizing the BX

Kipp McMichael
Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:52:19 PDT
  When I wanted to share ephemeral amaryllid seeds last fall, I made the offer direct to the list and asked that interested parties submit a payment to the BX for the seeds I sent them. The offer gave me a taste of the work Al and Dell before him "enjoyed" - I was quickly swamped with requests!

  For those people who wish to share such items, we could codify that process. It does put the work of accepting orders and sending packages onto those who want to share such items - but such people are often the ones with the most motivation to see the seeds find new homes. It's not a perfect solution - but it certainly beats discontinuing BX support for ephemeral seeds.

  I tend to send more stuff to the BXs than I request for myself anyway - but giving some modest BX credit to members who offered their seeds directly might encourage the practice.

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