Calochortus seedling questions

Kipp McMichael
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 18:39:28 PDT

  Seedlings are very drought-shy but the good news is they produce a viable bulb very soon after they sprout. Provided they were able to grow for a month or 2 before they went dormant there's a decent chance they'll come back in the fall.

  I grow my seedlings in the north side of my house here in Berkeley where they get only morning sun in winter. Even there, the pots in the sunniest spots will have yellow seedlings if I don't keep them watered during our February warm spells...

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I sprouted a number of Calochortus species from the last BX. I followed the instructions in the Wiki and fertilized well. I didn't have damping off problems. However, when we had a few warm days into the upper 70s F in February, the ones receiving slightly more sun turned brown overnight, and never sprouted again. The others were in more shade, and it got cool again. They continued to grow nicely. Now it's been in the low 80s F; the sun shifted so these got more light; they went brown almost immediately.

Do they do this when it warms up a little? Are they likely to come back next fall?

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA
Zone 9?

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