Red Lily Beetle and Wasps control

Luminita vollmer
Tue, 14 Apr 2020 05:35:51 PDT
Hi Uli
Related to the Red Lily Beetle - the March 2019 issue of QB - Quarterly
Bulletin issued by the NALS ( North American Lily Society )
there is an article written by Jim Daniel about the use of wasps in
controlling the beetles.
He describes the work of Dr. Richard Casagrande in this field, and how one
can use this in a private setting.
I can make a pdf copy of the article to send to you.
You can reach Jim Daniel at and he may be able to connect
you with Dr. Casagrande
for many additional details. Jim is part of the New England Lily Society.
If I am not wrong, I do believe some grant from PBS was given to study this
subject, I seem to remember at one
of the presentations at the NALS show it was mentioned. I hope this helps,
I will try to dig a few more details.
There are no Red Lily Beatles in Minnesota yet, so I don't have this
problem. I myself use this concept of
biological control, by releasing ladybugs upon my garden to ensure aphids
and such do not consume my garden plants.


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> > Hello Luminita and Roy,
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> > Thank you for posting the rain lily pictures. I grow a similar pink
> Zephyranthes, or is it Habranthus? Does yours set seed, Luminita? Mine does
> not, unfortunately.
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> > Roy, you briefly mentioned a parasitic wasp to control lily beetles.
> Never heard of this, do you have more information about this? I have in the
> past used biological control with excellent results and would be very
> interested.
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> > Bye for now
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> > Uli
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