BX/SX Announcement

Luminita Vollmer pbslv.xchange@gmail.com
Mon, 13 Apr 2020 20:01:31 PDT
PBS friends
I incorporated hopefully all the feedback provided by the members and we
have the following bulb/seed exchange process:

1. Donations Request

I will post a “Request for Donations” on the Pacific Bulb Society list.
Members and friends of the group should send seeds or bulbs (including
corms, tubers, and rhizomes) that they wish to share with other members to
me at the address posted with the request. If a member does not participate
in the discussion list but wants to receive SX/BX notices, please contact
me at pbslv.xchange@gmail.com

All members are welcome to send in seeds and bulbs, but I would prefer to
receive them after a Donations Request message. It will allow me to be on
the lookout and manage the offerings.

*Overseas members (not residing in the USA) should contact me before
sending any donations.*

The seeds and bulbs that can remain alive under normal storage conditions
can be mailed in at any time. The seeds and bulbs that need to be planted
in 3-4 weeks should be marked with “Short-term viability” or a similar
phrase.  Bulbs cannot be larger than 5 cm, but use your own judgement if
you believe they can be sent in a small box that I will use to mail bulbs.

Each Donation Request will be open for 2 weeks.

Donors need to send seeds and bulbs that are clean, free of chaff, dirt and
other debris and ready for distribution to members.

If you don't want to receive an e-mail about the donations, please send me
an e-mail and I will take you off the main list.

2. Exchange Offering

Two weeks after a request for donations, there will be an announcement of a
Seed and Bulb Offering which will last for 3 days. *Be sure you don’t reply
to the list; instead reply to the exchange email address! I  will include
the e-mail address in each exchange offering.*

The Exchange will include a list of seeds and bulbs by botanical name, date
of collection, donor’s name, and synonym name if it exists. I will
acknowledge all requests with a confirmation reply. If you don’t get one,
let me know *as soon as possible!*

Please read the rules to the Exchange Offering distribution below.
Following the rules will make it a much easier and faster distribution.

Only current dues-paying members can get bulbs and seeds. If you are not
current, I will send you an e-mail.

Members with 2 or more invoices to be paid will not receive an order; I
will send you a reminder e-mail.

Donor members will get priority but I will randomize the entries, to ensure
everyone among the donor group has equal chances of receiving
prized seeds/bulbs.

*If you order more than 10 items from the list of offerings, please mark
your top 10 preferences with an asterisk (*).*

Donor members will receive one credit on the order. One credit is one time

Each bulb item is $3.00 and each packet of seeds is $2.00. The seed order
will have at least 5-7 seeds, or enough seeds for a 4-inch pot. Postage
will be added.

The offering is open for 3 days, followed by a formal closing e-mail. I
will include in the offering e-mail all the information you need to send in
your order.

Requests for bulbs and seeds must be emailed to the address listed below
(do not reply to the discussion list):

*pbslv.xchange@gmail.com* <pbslv.xchange@gmail.com>

*As in the past, an invoice for the cost of bulbs/seeds and postage will be
sent with your order. *

Payments for the BX/SX  can be made by:

Cash, check (money orders *not* accepted), credit card or PayPal.

*Checks must be made payable to Pacific Bulb Society*, c/o Arnold
Tractenberg, 140 Lakeview Ave., Leonia, NJ 07605 USA.

PayPal and credit card payments may be made at

Due to the world-wide pandemic, there have been many changes to the
international mail and what countries are accepting mail from abroad.

To receive the most current information via the U.S. Post Office, use the

and find out which countries are not accepting mail at this time.  Bear in
mind that this is likely to be fluid as time goes on.

Africa is likely to be worse for some time whereas the European countries
will be getting better.

At this time, we will be sending the Bulb Garden via PDF format by email
until we’re able to send paper.  If you want a paper copy later, please
notify Arnold Trachtenberg at Arnold140@verizon.net .

The PBS website has this information as well, if you need to refresh,
please refer there as well.

Thank you
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