Bulb Exchange

The Pacific Bulb Society sponsors two exchanges of bulbs (called the BX) and seeds (called the SX). Only current dues-paying members can get these bulbs and seeds. The BX offers bulbs and seeds that should not stay in storage. We send these every two weeks, on average. The SX offers seeds that can remain alive under proper storage conditions, and we send these several times during the year.

Members and friends of the group send seeds or bulbs (including corms, tubers, and rhizomes) that they wish to share with other members. Donations go to Albert Stella, the director of the BX/SX.

Offerings are announced in posts on the PBS list, which you can join for no cost at this website.

Each offering has instructions for ordering. Please be sure to read and follow the directions to improve your chance of receiving what you request. The system is first-come-first-served, and supplies usually are used up very quickly.

If you send donated items to Albert, you will get credit that you can use to pay for your future BX orders. If the postage credit equals the annual dues cost in the Pacific Bulb Society, you can exchange the credit for a membership renewal.

United States members, please send clean, clearly labeled plant materials to:

Albert Stella
2712 Knowles St.
Raleigh, NC 27603

If you live outside the USA, please contact Albert Stella for instructions before sending material.

Payments for the BX can be made by cash or check (money orders not accepted) to the PBS treasurer, Arnold Trachtenberg:

Arnold Trachtenberg
140 Lakeview Ave.
Leonia, NJ 07605

Contact Arnold Trachtenberg

or credit cards and PayPal can be used by filling out the form below (this is for BX payments alone, to renew your membership and make BX payments at the same time go to the PBS membership page):

(click for each BX owing)


From 7/22/2002 through 12/17/2011 there were 300 BX offerings, and over 5500 items. Click on the links below to download the BX lists. Please note that seeds from old BX are not available.

BX 1 to 100
BX 101 to 200
BX 201 to 300

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