Epipactis palustris

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 30-45cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: white, green, brown
Flower Season: early summer to mid summer
Climate: USDA Zone 6-8

Epipactis palustris or Marsh Heleborine is native to vast areas of Europe and Asia, stretching from south Scandinavia to Greece and from Northern Spain to Siberia. As the name suggests, it prefers rather wet soil. It emerges in spring from its rhizome and flowers in June to August, depending on location. The pictures by Martin Bohnet shows it in habitat near Venice, Italy, just behind the dune zone, flowering in June and with ripe seed capsules in September. The location suggests the species can deal with an substantial amount of salt.

Epipactis palustris, Martin BohnetEpipactis palustris color variation, Martin BohnetEpipactis palustris flower detail, Martin BohnetEpipactis palustris seed capsules, Martin Bohnet

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