The world's most desired bulb

Luminita Vollmer
Tue, 14 Apr 2020 14:23:57 PDT
Dear Jane

So sorry to hear about your not finding fresh garlic at the store! I can
share with you my findings
about garlic, especially the fact that 80% of the garlic consumed in the US
comes from China.
I just went outside in the garden to check on my martagon lilies, they were
up since last week, then
we got more than 6 inches of snow on Easter, and yesterday and today we had
layers of heavy snow
and bright sun. My lilies are still there - but look at my garlic, I
planted 120 cloves last fall, Red Russian.
Does well with cold and has large cloves, about 8-10 from each one.

As far as keeping the covids away - I eat 2-3 cloves every day, the fresh
garlic, before you dry it to store,
it boosts the immune system goes the story, at least that is what I heard!
I plant in October, harvest in June,
wait 2 days then clean it and store it in a jar with oil. That is what I
eat. I leave some in the garden until August,
and that keeps until the new harvest the following year, in a cold spot of
your home, cold room.

Like any bulb, garlic is an amazing plant! I find it difficult to cook
without it, or eat anything without it, even make
garlic jelly. The porcelain garlic keeps better, but here in MN - all
garlic keeps! ;)


On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 2:05 PM Jane McGary <>

> Just returned from the supermarket (first time in 12 days!). In the
> produce department, I asked if they had any garlic by now. I can barely
> cook without it.
> "No, we never have any these days."
> "I think people must be using it thinking it'll keep them from getting
> covid."
> "That's exactly it. It's all over the internet."
> "It would be! This is straight out of the Middle Ages!"
> "Yeah, it sure is."
> "Well, at least the vampires won't get them."
> So I guess I'll have to sniff some of my Allium species to see if
> they're a good substitute.
> Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, PSA (Pacific States of America)
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