Archibald 227.900

Jane McGary
Tue, 14 Apr 2020 14:21:29 PDT
Thanks to Diane for directing me to the 2003 list -- not because I found 
my unidentified plant there, but because it gave me a few minutes of 
astonished longing, reading the wealth of that wonderful list.

My plants are definitely a Scilla (sensu lato, before Speta's revision), 
and I think they're a form of Scilla bifolia. They're flowering later 
and look rather different from the S. bifolia that is scattered around 
my garden and bulb lawn, but the large number of synonyms that have been 
applied to that species suggests that it's quite variable over its 
extensive range from France into Turkey. The size and the form of the 
bract are right, as well as the pedicels being longer on the lower end 
of the inflorescence.

Thanks for the help!

Jane McGary

On 4/14/2020 1:31 PM, Diane wrote:
> Could there have been a typo on the packet?  Could it have been 221 instead of 227?  Do you remember what year you bought the seeds?
> I’ve just looked through my stack of catalogues.
> The 227s and 228s were all some species of Bellevalia. Some sound exciting:  “penetrating turquoise-blue”, “electric ultramarine"
>   I found only one 227 900, in August 2003 - B longipes .  A dozen species were offered that year.
> In 2008 and 2009, B longipes from a different collector was numbered 227 909
> Diane Whitehead
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