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Robert Nold via pbs
Mon, 27 Apr 2020 20:20:19 PDT
> Then what? Just curious....

There are three bulb frames here, the purpose of which is to (hopefully)
increase bulbs I have purchased, before planting them into the garden. 
All three frames are more or less sitting on top of the soil in the hottest
part of the garden. Winter protection is in the form of three or four sheets
of opaque plastic, removed on hot days. It's not much protection. 
The bulbs are grown in gallon plastic pots filled with heavy clay (the kind
of stuff gardening books warn you about) plus pea gravel or perlite, and
plunged into the same kind of "soil". The plunge material, if you want to
call it that, is about 20 cm deep.
The largest of the frames has colchicums, weird bellevalias, frits including
a few Californians, some Californian calochortus, and so on. 
Nothing bad happens. And considering the general awfulness of the climate
here, that's something. 
The only exception is with pots in which there is too much organic matter;
that's invariably fatal, as sand would be, too. The garden here rarely
receives enough precipitation at any time other than early spring to do the
bulbs any good, so I water the pots from time to time in the summer and

Bob Nold
Denver, Colorado

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